Are garage doors really that safe, which many claims to be?

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Are garage doors really that safe, which many claims to be?

Are garage doors really that safe, which many claims to be?


    Automatic garage doors are very convenient, but they can also be a weak link in the garage security. Garage door openers are armed with an emergency release lever, which has got a cord which mostly hangs down. This is largely unnoticed till some power is lost and the opening the garage door gets difficult. By pulling the lever down, the door can be raised manually.

    Roller shutters are also called Roller doors; they are also known as overhead doors. They are built with many bars put together with hinges. They come in the form of garage door or window shutter. In case you have them installed, but they are giving you trouble, then please get your Shutter repair in Preston, Lancashire.

    But, these days many homes and business offices can be seen installing both, shutters and garage doors, for their benefit only. In case your Roller shutters are giving you trouble, then please contact ADV for Roller shutter repair.


    Below are mentioned some ideas, which if applied will be very beneficial for garage safety.

    • Disable the emergency release lever

    In many cases, this is the best way to keep trespassers away from using the coat hanger kind of trick to get into the house. By, this we also mean that even you won’t be able to get in.

    • Take out the cord

    The rope which accompanies the emergency release lever is short of a minor convenience when you need to lower the lever. It is also easy to catch hold of from the outside by a cloth hanger.


    • The release lever should be locked

    Plastic cable can be used to tie garage door openers. The lever comes with a hole along with some carriage assemblies. The basic idea is to make it very difficult for a fragile coat hanger to be able to pull down the lever, and also allow to either break or remove the simple lock from the garage.

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