What is the difference between Aluminium shutter and Steel Shutter?

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What is the difference between Aluminium shutter and Steel Shutter?

What is the difference between Aluminium shutter and Steel Shutter?


    Security is the first concern for any business owner whether their business is on a small scale or large scale. It might be confusing at times as there are various options available in the market for security. One of them is shutter as they make the entire place secure and safe. With this, also comes the responsibility to choose the best material.

    • Lightweight

    Firstly, if you are looking for an option which is lightweight and it does not require too much force to open than you should consider the aluminium shutter. This is because as compared to steel, aluminium is very lightweight. If you are planning to install the shutters than call the professionals as they will guide you better about the options according to your need. Make sure for Roller Shutter Repair you hire the professionals from the best company.

    • Budget

    While thinking about purchasing a new item we all have to consider the budget also. It would not be the best option to buy something which is not under your budget. If you are on a strict budget then choose the aluminium shutter. The steel shutter is a little bit more expensive as compared to aluminium. But one thing, if you are opting for aluminium shutter with high cost than steel might have the same price.

    • Business type

    If your business is dealing with heavy products than it is the best option to choose steel shutters as they are stronger in comparison to aluminium. This is also because the primary concern is protection and if that is not fulfilled properly than its installation won’t serve the correct purpose. This means if your business is on a small scale and for commercial operations than aluminium is the best choice. They can be used in a shopping mall, sports complex, or school.

    • Rust-Resistance

    One of the things which might concern you is that which material is rust-proof. In comparison to steel, aluminium is rust-resistance. You can make steel shutters rust-resistance but it is essential that you get them coated properly, otherwise you have to get them replaced.

    • Fast operation

    As we already said that, the aluminium is lightweight so it’s working mechanism will be faster as they are easy to close and open. To make the working of steel shutter more convenient you can opt for automatic steel shutter so that your work is done on time and smoothly.

    No matter which option you choose we make sure the purpose of the installation is fulfilled. Our team will handle the work from manufacturing to installation. Moreover, it is also kept in mind that your need and requirement is fulfilled. We also believe in delivering a quality product and on time so that the business production level is not affected.

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