Affordable Cost Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Berkshire

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Affordable Cost Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Berkshire

Affordable Cost Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Berkshire


    Banish crime the smart way

    But even the toughest criminals find it a daunting task to make their way through roller shutters. It goes without saying that the shutters offer optimum security in today’s uncertain and unsafe scenario. With the crime rate touching new highs and the previously safer areas reporting a hike in the occurrence of unpleasant happenings, it is imperative that one secures his precious assets and equipment. While nothing can guarantee cent percent burglar-proofing of a building, it is better to have various security measures to deter the criminal elements. If you are looking for some company to take the responsibility of roller shutter installation at your site, ADV is the company just right for you. We offer all services related to roller shutter installation and roller shutter repair.

    Check for the weak points

    While burglars can make an entry from the most unexpected places, it is a good idea to check the main access points which link the building to the outside world. The front door which serves as an entrance to the building is one such point. Many rear entry points are also there in buildings where the goods are offloaded. Such kinds of entry points need to be specially secured as these can be used by the thieves when the business hours cease.

    The ultimate barrier

    Roller shutter doors offer optimum protection against criminals and burglars. A burglar may manage to break some bricks from a wall but the same can’t be said of a roller shutter. Even an angle grinder will fail to cut through a roller shutter. They need to be maintained in a proper way. If any repair work is required, we are ready to offer itShutter repair in Berkshire will be provided by us.

    Sliding doors security

    Sliding doors to come with a security option. They contain an interlocking function which enables the owners to open it from outside using a fob key holder or from inside by manually activating the door.

    Additional Security measures

    Of course, one can’t depend on only one thing for security. Additional security measures are desirable to nullify the chances of an illegal entry. CCTV and alarm systems must be installed so that an intruder might be discouraged at the onset.

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