Advantages of Having an Automatic Door and types

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Advantages of Having an Automatic Door and types

Advantages of Having an Automatic Door and types


    Everything from farming to industrial work is undergoing automation. So can the doors and buildings be left behind? Absolutely not. It’s not a surprise that the doors and other internal features of buildings are undergoing automation is a big way. If you haven’t got it installed yet, it is about time to get the pending job done as soon as possible. If you don’t get it done, you will soon be left out in the race for automation. Undoubtedly, you will need ADV for installing automatic doors in Dartford, London.

    Advantages that come with automatic doors

    1. Convenience at its prime

    Convenience is the keyword when it comes to handling your customers. Being a renowned name and having the best quality of products is not the only thing that acts in your favor. Automatic doors spell convenience for customers, especially if they are disabled or old. People with large shopping bags and those accompanied by children will preferably walk into your store if you offer them an easy entrance.

    1. Ultimate Space savers

    The doors make do with the minimum space that is available to them. They glide in and out smoothly,  taking as minimum space as possible.

    1. Supreme security

    Swift opening and shutting ensure maximum security. Remote control facility is beneficial to the security personnel who can act swiftly in case of an emergency. Accompanied by an efficient locking system, it is the ultimate security blanket you can have.

    1. Ease of maintenance

    Once you have them installed, it is a cakewalk to maintain them.Sobe a proud owner of a maintenance-free add-on.

    A boon in an emergency situation

    Automatic Doors are a blessing when an emergency situation arises. They can be easily integrated into a fire exit strategy so that maximum assets and human resources can be saved.If the need arises, they can be set to remain open and let the maximum number of people get out of the building.The same mechanism can be implemented in closing the doors and barring anyone’s entry into the building if the situation so demands. This feature may also be useful in containing the fire and restricting its spread to other areas.

    We could go on about the advantages but we would like to apprise you of the types of automatic doors available.

    Types of Automatic Doors

    1. Automatic Sliding Doors: –These are used often for entrances with two-way traffic. They can be availed in single,bi-parting or telescopic form.
    1. Automatic Swinging Doors: are the perfect choice for one way traffic. They may be installed for handling the traffic which flows either inside or outside. They are available in single, pair or double door form.
    1. Automatic Folding Doors: are usually installed in places with less space. You can get them installed in the single fold or bi fold forms. They can be used for traffic moving in either direction.
    1. Low Energy swinging Doors: –These are activated using a push plate or by manual operation. They are also available in single, pair and double door form.
    1. Automatic Revolving Doors and Manual Revolving Doors (rotating doors): –These are ideal for high traffic areas. They enable people to enter and exit simultaneously. They offer an ideal opening for a large number of people who want to enter or exit at the same time. In revolving form, they prove to be energy efficient as they cut down cooling and heating costs. They may come in two, three and four winged form.
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