7 basic security features of Aluminium Shopfronts

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7 basic security features of Aluminium Shopfronts

7 basic security features of Aluminium Shopfronts


    In the bygone era, one had to settle either for a secure option or a good looking one when it came to shopfronts, but it is not so any longer. You can get the best of both worlds now. enterprise in question. You can achieve this target by getting aluminium shopfronts installed. If aluminum shopfronts London is your desire, just pick up the phone and dial ADV’s number for no one can render better installation, maintenance and after-sale service than us.

    Why is aluminum the best?

    Strong and sturdy

    Given aluminum’s natural strength, it is not a surprise that it is an ideal material for supporting glazed material and heavy signage. Sections of curtain walling system and sun shading systems also find the perfect support in aluminum frames. They are equally compatible with automatic doors.


    Aluminum can be molded and reshaped into any form you want. It can be used for any kind of shopfront-flat, pitched or sloping. With them around, you will never have a problem with choosing an unusual style.

    Tailor made to suit your needs

    Aluminium can be customized according to the individual’s preferences. No doubt, the customers just love it. They give a stunning effect when they are  powder coated.It not only looks smashing, but it also lends the quality of being weather resistant. So you have got beautiful looks along with high immunity to the vagaries of nature.


    Aluminum can last for years. It is one of the most durable material s around. So you can be certain that you won’t need to change the frames even after a few decades pass by. Isn’t that a pleasing reality?

    Premium security

    Did you think we would bypass the most significant need? No, not at all. Think again if you think glazed doors in aluminum frames might be the vulnerable point of your shopfront. On the contrary, it is a safe and secure option which is further strengthened by installing locking systems.

    Totally Recyclable

    If you are tired of the old aluminum frames but would not like to spend a fortune on a new one, you are in for another pleasant surprise. Just get the album frame melted and recycled into any shape of your choice and voila! You have a totally new frame out of the old material. You just have the older shape to lose, but the quality remains the same. So you have something as good as new at about one fifth the price.Now, isn’t that really smart, thanks to the recyclable nature of aluminum.

    Low maintenance material

    As if the above advantages are not enough, I would like to quote another one -you don’t need to maintain it on daily basis. Just a routine clean up would be enough. It doesn’t require hours of care. This feature is a sure winner. Now I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to opt for a material which offers everything on a platter.

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