11 DIY Tips For Great Shopfronts Displays

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11 DIY Tips For Great Shopfronts Displays

11 DIY Tips For Great Shopfronts Displays


    Every businessman wants his outlet to be as eye-catching as possible. True, that it will be possible only when the shopfront is intriguing and attractive enough. But pepping up your shop front seems to be a taxing job. Or so you think ADV offers the perfect tips for decorating Shop Fronts in London.

    Just follow our tips and things will seem as easy as waving a magic wand-

    1. Focus on either the image or the products

    For jewelers, bakers, and florists, the products themselves are beautiful enough to catch the attention of the customers. Next comes the consideration of the price. Put your best deals in the window.

    1. Make a Basic Plan

    Formulate a basic plan and move ahead accordingly. Be sure that you have a lot of pieces of the products you display in the window as they will be selling like hotcakes!

    You must also try to replicate the elements of the window in the store so that the customers can identify and buy the products which brought them inside in the first place.

    1. Place the products at eye level

    It pays to place the products at the eye level. People react maximum when they see products lined up at their eye level. It will pay you if you use display pyramids. Stacking smaller products on top of each other will also add to the look.

    1. Use Props

    Keeping subtlety in mind, using props can work wonders for you. They will catch the eye of the customers and pull them right in! You could work around a theme or a scene. Use old suitcases and abandoned camera tripod stands to get the perfect holiday scene look. Another great tip is to use old crates repainted in bright colors. A pile of bright bricks will be a wonderful contrasting background for displaying the smaller pieces of jewelry.

    1. Use lines and shapes

    Using lines and geometric shapes will make the display really attractive. Put three pieces of the displayed product in a line instead of one. Place the smaller products in the foreground and the bigger ones in the background.

    1. Use light to your advantage

    The use of light should be done with care so as to present your products in an effective manner. Two spotlights and generic overhead lighting will work just fine. And don’t forget to leave them on at night after the business hours cease. It is  24*7 publicity!


    1. Pick a theme

    Pick up a theme which will best display the products you have. You could pick themes related to your products or according to the season or festivals. A generic scene like the scene of a garden will work fine if you deal in garden furniture. Specific themes like Christmas and Easter can be used by showing Christmas tree and Easter eggs respectively. The same goes for decorating the window with flowers for Mother’s Day. You could also use mirrors and crystals for maximum effect.

    1. Use Motion!

    Using motion will bring about a great surprise for the viewers. It will bring the scene to life and add the element of continuation. A deer and a rabbit scene during winter make for an amazing display. It will be better if you can use the animation again. It will be useful if you opt for something which is directly related to your business. If you own a shoe shop, then a cobbler at work will look great. Animated puppies will be perfect if you own a pet shop. If you have a clothes shop, you could add animation simply by passing air to the mannequin’s clothes through a fan.


    1. Use Stands

    Use special stands to display your products. They will save time as they come in handy for displaying various products.

    1. Window Graphics

    Use your windows as a background for graphics. You could present your ideas, prices or new offers using graphics. Use stickers for the purpose. They are quite expensive, so keep them for a seasonal duration at least. You could also use them to display your contact details and the list of products available.

    1. Make expensive Products the sole item of display

    Stick to the golden rule that places the expensive items alone. Cramming will make them go unnoticed and they will not look the part. So don’t cram up the window, but place the highlight of your shop at the center stage (with no competition!). See how fast they get picked up!

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