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5 kinds of Roller shutters that are fit for industrial use

5 kinds of Roller shutters that are fit for industrial use

1 Man Repair a roller shutter in london

5 kinds of Roller shutters that are fit for industrial use

Roller shutters have become common place in today’s world. They are indispensable whatever be your need: security, looks,protection from weather or acoustic insulation. They are not limited to the commercial realm either. They are sought alike by business houses malls , shopping center,hospitals and homeowners alike. They are an ideal solution to a lot of modern day problems. ADV specializes in installation and repair of the roller shutters.  It is time you had an out of the world experience with us. Just send us a message and we will be at your disposal. Whether it is installation or shutter maintenance you require, we will address your problems. A look at industrial shutters At ADV , we provide roller shutters in various materials for industrial and commercial use. If you are looking for security with style and a plentiful of other advantages, it is time you invested in a roller shutter of good quality. Which is exactly why you need to buy it from ADV. We offer shutters in the steel and aluminium. We also offer plantation shutters,  glass shopfronts, and insulated doors. Sectional garage doors and fire rated shutters are also available.

  1. Steel Roller Shutters

These are built with best quality stainless steel with slats overlapping each other. They can be availed in the remote operated as well as manually operated forms.  

  1. Aluminium shutters –These are manufactured from aluminium. The metal is being widely used these days as it offers sturdy protection despite being light weighted. It also offers durability and protection from the elements. Insulation of heat and cutting out sound from the external world are other advantages it has.
  1. Plantation shutters

They may be available in wooden or aluminum finish according to your preference. While wood is sturdy and offers insulation of heat, the aluminum shutters offer a wide range of designs, colors, and textures to choose from. As aluminum is waterproof and termite resistant, they make a better choice for plantation shutters.  

  1. Glass Shopfronts

Surely you won’t have any other idea for keeping your goods safe but displaying them to the world at the same time without mortgaging your peace of mind? Well, glass shopfronts offer all these features and the best part is that you may be absent from the site as well. So whether you are there or not, these serve as the perfect protection and showcase for your products. Now you can see why you don’t need to advertise on the large billboards when you have one of your choices right at your location. Moreover, the products are real and can be viewed as they actually are.  

  1. Fire shutters

These shutters are used in places which are predisposed to inferno breakouts by the virtue of their occupation. Hotels, restaurants and school canteens often get them installed to safeguard their property and human resources from eventualities in case of a mishap. These are manufactured specially to keep the fire in a limited area for a long time. They are manufactured out of a material which can resist fire up to very high temperatures.