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3 Sure Shot Tips for Securing Your Glass shopfronts

3 Sure Shot Tips for Securing Your Glass shopfronts

Glass shopfronts, shutter doors

3 Sure Shot Tips for Securing Your Glass shopfronts

3 Sure Shot Tips for Securing Your Glass shopfronts


Glass shop fronts make an ideal glamorous front for your shop. They provide the ultimate showcase for the best articles you would love to flaunt. But does it really measure up to the security expectations? Is it not a vulnerable point for your enterprise? Even though the glass used is of toughened type, it is likely to be on the top target list of burglars and vandals, So what to do?  Go through our article and you will know how to protect your glass shop fronts.

  1. Drop your worries down with a drop down shutter

Consider using a drop down the shutter. It is an excellent option for protecting your shops. A solid rolling shutter is the best layer of security you can have. These are literally impenetrable, even with weapons. The perforated version lets in the air and light and offers high visibility even though you don’t compromise on the security.

They are the best bet against criminal activities. They also provide ample protection against adverse weather conditions. You can be sure that your business is secure during the hours of incessant rain, storm or hurricane. It is highly important that the shutters be secured from the bottom.

  1. Get Store Front Bollards installed

If you install poles in front of the sore, the chances of use of a vehicle to shatter the glass of the shop front will be reduced to a minimum. You can be sure that the foot traffic is not disrupted and they are deeply set into the floor with concrete. They don’t run the risk of being uprooted if concrete is used. The poles are available in a variety of decorative designs which will make your shop front look lovelier. But one has to be careful about whether the land belongs to you or the authorities. In the latter case, it might not be under your powers to get them constructed. It will be suitable that you seek permission from the authorities and go ahead with your plan in a legal and lawful manner.

  1. Use glass which is secure

These are immune to the impacts of blunt objects, bricks, stones, and scaffolding items. Even if a burglar tries endlessly for hours, he will raise an alarm before he manages to make a passageway through the glass. The security glass is made by layering the glass with a penetration resistant film. The glass,  if broken, will not enable the thief to gain entry into your building. The glass is too tough to be broken as the plastic interlayer is highly flexible and will not tend to break under the impact of blows. Such type of glass also tends to retain the shards , which make it all the more difficult for the burglars to penetrate.